About us


The propeller is the single most important element of a power boat. Without it, the boat doesn't move, it only drifts. For that reason, selecting the best, most efficient possible propeller is the single most important decision you'll make for your boat. But propellers aren't like paper clips. They're carefully designed, highly engineered and meticulously manufactured to precise specifications, the result of proven technologies and years of on-the-water experience.

On all of those counts, Signature Propellers by Hill Marine stand head and shoulders above all others. Over fifty years ago, Ron Hill opened his first propeller business after a long career in boat racing earning him a remarkable 20 APBA and World titles. Ron's passion and success for competition was no accident. His father, Russ Hill Sr. started boat racing in 1935, becoming a much acclaimed outboard engine builder and expert propeller technician. Those lessons of the past have not been forgotten on the Signature Propellers designed and built today by his grandson, Chad, a championship caliber boat racer in his own right.

Signature Propellers is the culmination of nine decades of the Hill legacy. Everything learned over three generations is now incorporated into each propeller we build. All are one-hundred percent manufactured in our Santa Ana, California factory headquarters under the watchful eye of Chad and Ron. We also offer complete propeller repair, customizing and blueprinting services on all brands of propellers.

Our Signature Propellers model line continues to grow, serving all facets of the boating market including propellers for outboards, sterndrives, inboards, ski/wakeboard boats, fishing, racing and even weedless/mud for serious outdoorsmen. We invite you to browse our entire selection and contact our office with specific questions and recommendations.