Volvo Penta

Our selection of Volvo Penta sterndrive propellers offers a great propeller at a reasonable price. We have propellers for SX, XDP, Aquamatic, DP, DPH, DPS and DPX series engines.

Our SX props include the Pleasure Three, Pleasure Four and Pleasure Five styles featuring 3, 4 or 5 blades, respectively. These sturdy, stainless steel propellers utilize cupped blades to maximize efficiency and increase performance and fuel efficiency in your boat.

The XDP series features the Four by 4 line by Signature. These props feature 4 blades at the front or 4 at the rear, depending on the propeller. Buy just the one replacement or get a set; these are great propellers that will enhance any boat’s performance.

Volvo Penta started the twin prop revolution, and these great Signature replacements will ensure the tradition keeps going strong.  Call us for availability on the Aquamatic, DP, DPH and DPX propellers. For the others, order conveniently online or by phone at 1-800-762-0309 to get the perfect replacement prop for your boat.