We have a great selection of OMC sterndrive propellers in stock for you to choose from. Our selection includes propellers from the Cobra 400 and Cobra 800 lines. These stainless steel propellers are durable and ready to increase the performance of your boat.

If you are ready to step up from your stock three-blade aluminum propeller, this is a great way to do it. These propellers are a great all-around prop for improving performance without spending a fortune. They feature a square hub cavity with a 4 ½ “ hub diameter  and highly polished stainless steel construction for extra durability and strength.

The Pleasure Series by Signature includes 3 blade, 4 blade and 5 blade propellers so you have plenty to choose from. Don’t just use any propeller with your Cobra drive; these props are designed with integral cupped blades to maximize your engine’s power and fuel efficiency for a smoother, better ride every time.

Order online or give us a call at 1-800-762-0309 and we’ll help match you up with the right propeller for your boating needs.