Take a look at our great selection of replacement propellers for Suzuki outboard motors. Choose from three blades styles of high quality stainless steel propellers in a variety of diameters and pitch sizes.

We have 3 blade, 4 blade and 5 blade propellers to fit your Suzuki outboards. Manufactured by Signature, one of the leading names in propeller manufacturing, the Pleasure series is designed to meet all your boating needs.

Pleasure Three is a great replacement prop for your stock aluminum three blade propeller. It increases performance and decreases fuel costs, giving you more boat for your money.

Pleasure Four is one of the best four blade propellers around. Its cupped blades and square hub design make it stable and strong so you can move faster and with more control.

Pleasure Five is the top of the recreational boat replacement propellers. It gives your boat superior speed and handling whether you are skiing, waterboarding or just plain cruising.

Contact us at 1-800-762-0309 for a complete selection of replacement propellers or choose from the great props online.